Articles, Papers, and Presentations

Authored and Presented by Jacques F. Smuts

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Troubleshooting and Solving Poor Control Loop Performance - Special Report in Power Magazine, June 2013, pp 42-47.


Valve Diagnostics on a Level Loop - Article in What's Watt, ISA POWID Newsletter, Spring 2013, pp 16 - 17.


Troubleshooting and Solving Poor Control Loop Performance - Paper presented at 55th ISA POWID Symposium, Austin TX, 2012.


Butterfly Valves and Control Performance - Short article on the perils of using butterfly valves for control. POWID Newsletter, Spring 2012, p19.


Monitoring Control Loop Performance - Article on control loop monitoring software. (Power Magazine, February 2012).


Analyzing and Improving Control Loop Performance - Article in Power Engineering Magazine, November 2011


Getting the Best Performance from Challenging Control Loops - Paper presented at ISA Automation Week, Mobile, Alabama, October 2011


Improving Steam Temperature Control Using New Instrumentation and Control Modifications - by J. Mark Faurot, Aaron J. Hussey, John N. Sorge, Jacques F. Smuts, and Cyrus W. Taft (ISA Automation Week 2011)


Analyzing Control Problems and Improving Control Loop Performance - Presentation on troubleshooting loop performance problems (ChemInnovations Conference, Houston, Texas, September 2011)


Process Control for Practitioners - A 315-page book on process control and control loop optimization. (Published by OptiControls, September 2011)


Is Throttle Pressure Control a Self-Regulating or an Integrating Process? - Article on throttle pressure control. (ISA Power Industry Division Newsletter: What’s Watt, Summer 2011)


Control Loop Performance Monitoring in a Power Plant - Paper describing installation and testing of a control loop performance monitoring application. (Presented at ISA POWID, Charlotte, North Carolina, June 2011)


Requirements for Advanced Control Applications - Paper describing challenges and requirements for successfully installing and maintaining sequential automation, control loop performance monitoring, and advanced process control applications. (Presented at ISA POWID 2011)


Improving Boiler Stability Through Advanced Regulatory Control - Tutorial on using advanced regulatory control. (Presented at ISA Automation Week, 2010)


Improving the Moisture Control of Distillers Dry Grain - A case study on solving control problems in the Whiskey industry (Presented at ISA Texas City and ISA Texas Channel meetings in 2010)


PID Controllers Explained - An introduction to PID controllers, the P, I, and D control modes, and different controller structures. (Published in Canadian Process Equipment & Control News, February, 2002)


Effective Control Loop Optimization - A presentation from the EXFOR 2000 trade show.


Automatic Control Systems: Optimization can increase your bottom line - A short article about control and optimization for non-technical folks (Published in the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Spectrum, 1999)


Improving Steam Temperature Control with Neural Networks - Paper based on Ph.D. thesis. Describes how a back-propagation neural network was used to control heat transfer to improve superheat and reheat steam temperature control in a power plant boiler. (1997)


Process Modeling with Neural Networks - Describes how heat transfer in a power plant boiler was modeled with an artificial neural network. (Published in SA Instrumentation & Control, September 1997) 

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