Process Control Training

trainingOption 1: Inhouse Training

OptiControls offers the following process control training courses delivered at your site. The content can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Most customers combine the first two courses into one three-day course. Many customers also add one or two days of hands-on loop tuning on their own live loops. For more details, or to schedule an inhouse training session please contact us.


Option 2: Online Training

Presented through the University of Kansas' Center for Engineering & Interdisciplinary Professional Education by controls specialist Jacques Smuts.


What others have said after attending an OptiControls training course:

"The course was fantastic! Very informative and lots of hands on. Thanks!"


"Excellent workshop. Very Useful."


"Thanks for the great course, I will be recommending you to my peers in the industry."


"It was a great intro to process control for me."


"Excellent; Great balance of theory and practical."


"I appreciated the real life scenarios with relation to the material."


"The instructor was able to explain in simple terms."


"I liked the stories you shared of applications / experiences you had doing tuning and optimization."


"The simulator is a good practice tool to demonstrate concepts."


"Good scope and at appropriate level of detail."


"It covered process control concepts that explained what the software packages were doing."


"Custom discussions using the whiteboard were excellent for relaying the information from the slides."


"The [tuning] spreadsheet is awesome. It makes the calculations easy to visualize. The simulator was easy to use."


"I liked the real-world examples."


"Notes were detailed, will be good reference."


"I liked the depth of material covered, the excercises, and the real life examples."


"The material is useful and will be used for reference."


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