The Process Control Workshop

The Process Control WorkshopTM is an intensive, two-day training workshop that will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed for optimizing the performance of your plant's controls. Not only will the workshop give you a thorough understanding of control loop dynamics and an essential insight into the workings of controllers, but it will also provide you with the know-how to identify poor control, the tools to find the root causes, the skills to fix the problems and the techniques to optimize your control loops.


The Process Control Workshop

Who Should Attend

This workshop will be of tremendous value to personnel needing to learn the essentials of process control, but also to experienced personnel as a refresher course and to broaden their knowledge. Anyone who wants to learn more about process control, controllers, tuning techniques, process diagnostics, and optimization projects will benefit from this workshop.

  • Control Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • I&C Technicians
  • Process Control Specialists

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction to process control
  • Feedback, feedforward, and cascade control
  • Understanding process characteristics and limitations on loop performance
  • PID controllers and their proportional, integral, and derivative control modes
  • Selecting the proper controller algorithm and options
  • Proven controller tuning methods and strategies for difficult loops
  • Diagnosing and solving control problems
  • When and how to use advanced regulatory control
  • Assessing control loop performance
  • Cost-Justifying a control optimization project
  • Planning and executing a successful optimization project

The workshop uses various real-time process simulations and trend charts to demonstrate many of the important concepts it covers. Several practical sessions through the two days day will help you apply your newly learned skills.

What You Will Learn

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Optimize self-regulating processes and integrating processes
  • Optimize control loops on quick and slow-responding processes
  • Save time during tuning by getting the right PID settings the first time round
  • Perform simple tests to establish the process dynamics and tune controllers
  • Establish the best performance achievable for a given control loop
  • Identify and tune Series, Ideal and Parallel controller structures
  • Extend control valve life and improve control quality by applying PV filtering
  • Identify control valve problems that will affect control loop performance
  • Tune cascade, interacting and complex control loops
  • Obtain a prioritized list of all control loops requiring attention
  • Make a case for funding an optimization project

Workshop Handouts

You will receive the following useful materials to use during the workshop and take home afterwards:

  • Printed copy of the workshop material
  • Licensed copy of the process simulation software and accompanying practical exercises
  • MS Excel spreadsheet for PID controller tuning

Contact us to find out more or schedule this training workshop at your site.

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