Advanced Control Strategies

Advanced Control Strategies is an intensive, one-day training workshop that takes you from controller tuning to the next level of knowledge needed for further optimizing the performance of your plant's controls. The workshop gives you a thorough understanding of the advanced regulatory control (ARC) techniques supported by modern control systems, what the benefits of each technique is, when to apply it, and how to apply it.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for process control engineers and technicians who are familiar with the basics of feedback control and tuning, who would like to further enhance their knowledge in the field of process control so that they can get even more from their control systems and solve specific challenging control problems.

  • Control Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • I&C Technicians

Workshop Outline

  • Overview of feedback control
  • Limitations of feedback control
  • Cascade control
  • Feedforward control
  • Combining feedback and cascade control with feedforward control
  • Nonlinear process behavior
  • Characterization of controller output
  • Gain scheduling
  • Dynamic decoupling
  • Ratio control
  • Override control
  • Dead-time compensation
  • Split-range control

Practical sessions are conducted throughout the workshop to help you apply your newly learned skills.

What You Will Learn

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the shortfalls of feedback control and when to use advanced control
  • Use advanced control strategies to solve specific control problems
  • Tune cascade and feedforward controllers
  • Design advanced control strategies
  • Perform simple process tests to help with designing control strategies

Workshop Handouts

You will receive the following useful materials to use during the seminar and take home afterwards:

  • Printed copy of the course material
  • Process simulation software and license

Contact us to learn more, or to schedule this workshop at your site.

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